Hi, this is Yanjun. I take a joint approach of empirical work and computational modeling to study human perception, judgement, and decision-making in the presence of multi-dimensional information.

I am currently a research associate fellow at the University of New South Wales, working with Dr. Brett Hayes and Dr. Ben Newell on understanding how false beliefs formed early in the learning process influence subsequent decision-making. Before that, I worked with Dr. Jennifer Trueblood in her Computational Decision-making lab at Vanderbilt University and Indiana University, focusing on preference construction in multi-attribute, multi-alternative choices, and risk sensitivity in hybrid foraging strategies.

I received a doctoral degree in Cognitive Psychology under the supervision of Dr. James Townsend and a Master’s degree in Applied Statistics at Indiana University, Bloomington. My Bachelor’s degree is jointly in Psychology and Mathematics-Economics, and I started my career path in cognitive psychology and mathematical modeling in Dr. Jerome Busemeyer’s decision-making lab during my undergraduate years.

I grew up in Shanghai, China. As a witness of the rapid evolution of this metropolis in recent decades, I am constantly amazed by the seemly unlimited potential in human intelligence, and that is the origin of my interest in human cognition.